Danger is my middle first name.

Welcome! I'm Jeremy Danger Dean and I come from a place where storytelling, science, technology and the arts are all the same thing. I hope you can use the information below to think of a way for me to help you.

The Past

Back in the late 90's, just out of highschool, I took a Global Networking class at a local community college. I was no stranger to technology at that time, but I had no idea what "Global Networking" even was. The first week was all about how computers talk to each other, but by the second week, the professor had asked the class to take a vote to see if everyone would rather learn HTML, which was still a buzz word at the time. He simply said, because the internet boom is happening right now, you can go get a tech job today if you learn HTML.

So, I did. I quit the class, read a fourth of an HTML book, slapped a resume together and started a technology career that would lead to so many different opportunities in programming, design, illustration, print, video, music and so much more. The 10 years that followed, I was lucky enough to work for some great companies like SmartHome, NADA Guides, Word & Brown and many more, each bringing new opportunities to learn new skills.

It's hard to put into words, but at some point technology started to take a back seat for me as I redisovered my love for storytelling. After finishing a few creative projects, which you can learn more about here, I knew my future was headed in the direction of storytelling.


The Present

Storytelling and technology are my passions. Currently, I'm working on a web show titled "RISE: The Path of a Superhero". It explores the realm of what it takes to master your mind, body and spirit, and then use those skills toward the betterment of mankind.


The Future

Stay tuned. I'm just getting warmed up.

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