Current Projects

    • 12/2017

    The Sovereign Network

    Superheroes exist.
    The Sovereign Network can help you become one.

    The Sovereign Network is a roster of individuals, like you, that strive for a new standard of self-mastery. We believe that the only limitations in existence are the ones that humans set for themselves.

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    • Coming Soon

    RISE: The Path of a Superhero

    RISE is a video project that explores the boundaries of self-mastery and aims to show what any individual can do to protect themselves against the many threats that are all around us.

    The path of a superhero is not fiction.
    The essence of a superhero is in all of us.
    Will you tap into yours?

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    • Coming Soon

    The Dean Labs

    Unlock your superpower by learning to bend science and technology to your will. Harness the power of controlling computers, networks and microcontrollers with your own custom software. Build high-power, non-lethal energy devices and self-defense tools. Construct high-tech smart security systems for your lair or home. Invent a digital personal assistant like JARVIS. Fashion information-gathering equipment, robots and surveilance gadgets keeping you one step ahead of everyone else. And, you can do it all with easily accessible parts from the Internet.

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Past Projects

    • 10/2011

    Project: CURIOUS

    Project: CURIOUS is a short run web show that explored the weird and whacky as co-stars Jenny Needle, Brandon Boehme and Danger Dean tackle some events you probably have never even heard of.

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    • 4/2012

    Life Worthwhile

    Life Worthwhile was a prototype episode for a web show that was never fully realized. It delivered the theme that people are what make life worth living and aspired to explore the talents of all kinds of people that work hard to make their dreams a reality.

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    • 2/2015


    I had the pleasure of filming and editing a superbowl commercial for a local car dealership, and yes, I was also a stunt driver for one of them.

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