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Spatial Storyteller|Reality Bender|Experiential Raconteur|Adventure Designer|Dramatic Realist 

There are a few names you could give me, I suppose.
But there's no title for what I do.


When you're passionate about your purpose, you have to wear many hats. I'm a 25 year software engineer veteran, artist, student of story and inventor. However, all of those things only support the cause of my true passion, which is bringing stories into the real world. I do that through an technology, art, video and invention.
CEO & Co-Founder

Danger and Mayhem

In the beginning of 2019, Alyssa Claar and I started our own company called Danger and Mayhem. It is our goal to change the world through new forms of storytelling.

Our mission is to provide and encourage the growth of dreamers and their creations through creative, story-driven marketing, technology, art, and classic storytelling while preserving and sharing the knowledge and experiences of veteran creators for future generations to come.

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I Tell Stories

Telling peoples' stories is a passion of mine. I meet people from all over the country that have a background, product or message that the world needs to know about. I tell those stories in dramatic, comedic and entertaining ways so that the world can be excited and passionate about them.

Do you want the world to experience your story? I'd love to tell it for you.

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I Build Things

I love using technology to tell stories and bring magic to peoples' lives.

I have 25 years of professional experience developing corporate scale web sites and Windows applications. I've since used those skills to branch out into other fields such as Electronics, Data Science, Mobile Applications and IoT development.

Applying these skills to themed-entertainment, I'm able to develop custom software to control real-world devices such as custom animatronics, sensors and gaming elements in real-world environments.

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I Paint Worlds

I tend to pick up a digital brush every once in a while. When I do, I imagine far-off worlds and magical places.

Are you building a theme park or other experience? I'd love to help you imagine it through concept art.

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