Introducing "Star Aces"

We're creating a web series that takes place inside the Nexaverse, and aims to show you what kinds of adventures you can expect to have.


Virtual Land in the Nexaverse

Nexaverse Worlds is the next virtual reality metaverse that you can help create.


Thoughts on World Building Tools

Talking about building virtual worlds is one thing, but how do you do it in practical terms? Let's explore some ideas on how to get everyone able to do this.


World Attributes

Find out why it's important to check out your world's attributes before you buy one.


Nexaverse Worlds

So what's the glue that brings everything together for everyone?


Why you STILL don’t know what the Metaverse really is.

You've read the articles. Now you're more confused than before. Why?


We Just Lowered the Fees Again

Find out how we are able to offer you such low fees and why we're doing it.


Our Publishing Platform Is Live

Welcome to Creatoasis! After months of hard work, we have gone live with our Comic Rebel publishing platform.


Making Creatoasis More Engaging

An idea that we're implementing that will make our online platform even more fun.