Our Publishing Platform Is Live

Tuesday  /  11/9/2021

It's been a lot of long hours for the last few months, but I'm so happy to announce that our comic book publishing platform, Creatoasis, is live!

Sometime in mid-2021, Mayhem and I decided to set out on an adventure that we knew wasn't going to be easy.  For decades, companies like Diamond, Marvel, DC, and now Amazon, Disney, Google and Apple have always seemed to find a way to take more from the sale of a comic book than they really need.  Maybe it's not what they intended, or maybe it is.  Either way, they have kept indie comic creators from ever seeing the profit they deserve.  There are expenses to everything, inluding running servers able to handle the load of millions of comic readers in the world, but it still isn't right that comic creators have such a difficult time making a living doing what they love.

Comic creators are among the most creative, passionate and imaginative people on the planet.  They deserve to be encouraged and rewarded for the long months it can take to finish a single issue.  They work hard because they love what they do and can't imagine not doing it.  Unfortunately, the usual story is that their creations never make it in front of the people that are looking for it.  Most publishers won't touch a comic unless it has global appeal.  We are different.  We believe that every comic book has a home somewhere, whether it's a large audience or a small one.  We believe that, through the right technology, we can find those people and match them up with comic creators everywhere.  Furthering that, we want to do it for as little of a fee as possible so that comic creators can finally get rewarded properly for the work they do.  The comic book industry is worth over a billion dollars.  It's time that money goes to the right place, back into the creators' pockets.

Our next task is to finish the Comic Rebel mobile apps that will enable readers all over the world to buy comics and read them on their devices.  Our schedule demands that we finish it by the end of November, 2021, which doesn't leave us a lot of time.  But we're determined to make it happen, anyway.

Until then, if you're a comic creator, we invite you to start up a free account at Creatoasis and learn about everything we're bringing to the amazingly talented people in this wonderful industry.