Nexaverse Worlds

Sunday  /  11/20/2022

The Long-Winded Part

I've been working on two major projects for many years in my spare time.  The Waypointer Engine, which is an online software system that can control the world around you for the purposes of story immersion, and Comic Rebel, an online marketplace for selling and buying digital comics in your browser and mobile devices.  I've been so passionate about both of them and so much progress has been made.

The Waypointer Engine has gone through many iterations and is nearing the end of its phase 1 release.  Comic Rebel and our accompanying publishing platform,, went live a few months ago.  So, what's next?

The passion behind these two projects is strong, but the momentum has been lacking.  Comic artists are reluctant to try new things with their books, it seems.  It is understandable from an artist's point of view.  From a business-person's point of view, however, it makes no sense whatsoever.  It's been a rare accomplishment to find talented people that are both. 

I write software.  That's what I do and I plan to keep doing it until I run out of ideas to pursue.  To that point, I can't help it if I occasionally wake up at night with an epiphany or two.  Ever since Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is now "Meta" and is taking his company into the metaverse space, everything has been steadily changing for me.  Back in the 90's I was around when the Internet really started to take off.  I remember what it was like to interview for a job that I wasn't sure I could do, and then sit down in a chair and begin working the same day I was interviewed.  I remember what it was like to be a kid out of high school that companies wanted to throw money at just to make some static html pages.  The Internet was so new and so in-demand that they just couldn't find enough people to do the work. 

Of course, everything has changed since then.  The market for internet developers is now overly saturated.  Everyone is an engineer, now.  Finding a job making web sites has never been more complicated and competitive.  The Metaverse will definitely bring a new wave of jobs to the world.  I don't believe it will have the same intensity of change as the Internet brought back in the 90's, simply because communication has never been so abundant and efficient as it is today.  People are very aware the Metaverse is coming and they are already preparing for it.  By the time Meta releases their version of the Metaverse and paves the way for the rest of us, there will be plenty of people ready to apply for all of the new positions that will open up.  However, not everyone will be ready.  Only those that see it coming now and prepare for it will be ready for the wave of innovation that is coming.

To The Point

I see it coming.  I've seen it before.  There is a tidal wave of opportunity that is already here and is only going to get bigger in the next decade.  The Metaverse is not only the next way of experiencing relationships online, but it's the perfect place for me a to glue all of my passions together.  Imagine a virtual world where you can build a business, communicate with friends, explore new worlds, fly to new planets and even own them! 

The only way I can reach my dream of living out adventures to a degree that they feel real is to create my own Metaverse.  I'm calling it "Nexaverse Worlds".  It will be a place where anyone can own plots of virtual land and build on it, but also run a business.  You'll be able to buy art, music, movies, comic books, 3D models to further build out your worlds, discover endless galaxies of planets ready to explore, survey and own, and so much more.

I've been writing software for almost over 30 years now and I know in my gut that this is what it has all been leading up to for me.  I've started putting the pieces together and it's time to start talking about what I'm building.  That's what this series of articles is going to be about.  So… journey on.