We Just Lowered the Fees Again

Wednesday  /  11/10/2021

I feel like we have put more energy into figuring out how to lower creator fees than any other part of this project.  Seriously, we are working on 3 websites and two mobile apps at the moment and getting these fees down to the lowest possible is the hardest thing about it.  When it comes down to it, we're still working with companies like Google that insist on taking 30% on all sales made through the app.  If you don't want to do what ComiXology is doing (which we don't), then making a subscription based comic service is not an option.  

Here's what we're dealing with:

Google Play Store and Apple App Store
The rules are pretty clear and enforced now more than ever.  Any digital product that is purchased through the app needs to use either Google's In App Purchases platform or Apple's, depending on the device.  That means that they demand 30% of every purchase of digital goods that are made in the actual app itself.  Some large companies like Netflix and ComiXology have opted out of that fee by forcing users to pay through their website, which forces users to leave the app, making for a bad user experience.  It is a well-known fact that users value the luxury of being able to click a button and get their stuff.  It's fast, it's easy and they really don't care much what it costs all involved parties in the background.  That being the case, we think its important for comic readers to be able to easily purchase your comics through the app.  But instead of making you pay those fees, we are going to pay them.  Therefore, we have decided to offer you 70% of your cover price for all purchases made through the app, instead of the 50% we were shooting for.

We really feel like doing this will help you, the creator, even more and enable you to grow your passion into a business like never before.

To sum up, here's what we're doing for you.

- You will receive 70% of all digital comic purchases made through our Comic Rebel app
- You will recieve 80% of all digital comic purchases made through our Comic Rebel website

Print comics, you ask?  We're working on that, too.  Stay tuned.