World Attributes

Tuesday  /  12/20/2022

Similar to Decentraland and other platforms, when you buy a world in the Nexaverse, you own it on the blockchain.  That transaction is public, permanent and secure and no one can take that ownership away from you, unless you sell it to another user.  This means that you have full control over what happens on your world.

Different worlds have different attributes, strengths and weaknesses.  Depending on what you want to do on your world, you may wish to consider these attributes before purchasing one.

Star Distance

The distance of a world to the star it is orbitting, along with the temperature of the star, directly affect a world's attributes.  The closer a world is to a star, the more likely the temperature will increase, many times to the point of generating vast deserts, little water and the inability to sustatin life.  This does not make the world worthless, however.  Desert planets tend to house other natural resources, like precious oils, ships sunken deep beneath the sands and even lost treasures.  Being mindful of these attributes and learning the pros and cons of each will surely enable you to profit from your world regardless of what attributes it may or may not have.

There are 7 planet classifications that all worlds fall into.

Tropical Worlds - Tropical worlds are usually worlds that are at least 50% covered by water.  These planets are the most likely to sustain life, have vast beaches and lush coasts and islands.  They are highly sought after for their natural resources and lush landscapes, however they may not be ideal for getting away from it all and having some alone time.  There are advantages and disadvantages to a world containing pre-existing life.  It falls under the tastes of the individual to decide if this is a desired attribute.

Alien Worlds - Alien worlds are planets that are usually less understood.  Though these planets can contain high concentrations of valueable resources, it may a chore in itself to figure out how to use these unknown materials, what these materials are good for and who would be interested in buying them.  Alien worlds often have strange occurrences on them that are hard to explain.  The normal set of rules that we are used to seeing in other planets don't tend to apply here, so they their behaviors are often surprising.

Desert Worlds - As mentioned before, desert worlds are usually closer to their stars then other worlds.  They rarely contain much water and sustaining life is not one of their strongest features.  Like any type of planet, they can be an emergency place for ships and other spacecraft to land.  However, because of the heat and lack of food and water, they are very difficult to survive on for very long without the proper equipment.  Because of these, it is not uncommon to find ships full of loot buried deep within the sands of desert planets.

Barren Worlds - These worlds are practically blank slates.  They have little-to-no natural resources, no life, no land features and are usually out of the way of anything interesting.  What makes them valuable?  They are usually the perfect place for "less than legal" activities to ensue, since no one is really willing to go out of their way to visit a barren planet.  It could just be the perfect place for criminals stay hidden from those that would seek them out.

Frozen Worlds - Although frozen worlds imply ice, it is possible for a world to be frozen without water.  Some worlds may not contain water, but some other liquid that is frozen, just the same.  This can make for some interesting landscapes.  Also, like desert worlds, frozen worlds can often be difficult for visitors to leave, since the conditions are so harsh.  This, too, would mean that visitors may not have been so lucky as to leave the planet and are trapped deep beneath the ice.  What is onboard these vessels?  That's up to you to discover.

Lava Worlds - Worlds that are very close to the stars they orbit are often classified as lava planets.  The conditions on these planets make sustaining any kind of life almost impossible.  However, since the planets core and crust is constantly churning over itself as it melts and solidifieds over and over again, they are almost certainly a rich and constant source of value minerals and precious metals that can be sold to players in need of these rare materials.

It's almost a guaranteed that there are secrets and valuable resources to unlock on the planet your choose to own.  What world will you make yours?